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26-04-2006 - 04:03


yesterday. didn't get much sleep before class. went to class. drove through construction hell to get home. after that, beckie came out here. ended up eatting at red robin. i had the most amazing burger and steak fries. delicious. and a dessert that was the size of my laptop. two brownies topped with three scoops of chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, and a cherry with chocolate and caramel drizzled over it. so sugary and good it almost hurt. after that, we went out to 5th ave. not many people there last least not in our age range. perhaps closer to my parents. so, we decided to stop at the post. yes. the post.

events that happened at the post: drinks were consumed. beckie and i met the manager for the fossil watch shop in the mall. the kid was quite friendly and though he was 12 (not litterally) and had a girlfriend, he seemed a bit interested in beckie. he was fun to chat with. my bonus of the post night was that i was able to get the bartender to put cartoon network on the television above the bar. fun was had. i believe we left around 1am.

after that, we went back to my place. there was nothing much else to do and beckie needed to get some sleep 'cause she had an interview in the morning. well, we sat around talking for a bit. recapped some of the vegas trip that she didn't remember. covered the fact that everyone is on myspace. and then i got a call. it was the guy from olso. he wanted to know if i wanted to go out again. after some debate, and beckie ok with attempting sleep, i agreed. so, he came to pick me up.

so. oslo (as i shall now refer to him) pulled up in his ford focus. we had decided to locate food, so instead of the regular denny's, he took me back to plymouth to a 24 hour greek/coney place. there we had coffee and dessert. yes, dessert again. he had cheese cake and i had rice pudding. he's a regular and knew the waitress and granted it's not much, but i still like going somewhere and not having to pay. anyways, we talked for quite some time. he played with his hat while he talked. when we left the place, we were talking just outside the door. it was quite chilly out, and he was leaning in while we were talking. next thing, we're kissing while pressed up against the building. a few minutes later we realize that the plymouth cop that inside is watching us. it was so high school. laughing we ran to his car. we didn't want to stay there, and we didn't want to go home, so he decides to park on a residential street in the middle of plymouth. back to the high school-ness. making out in his car. windows steamed up. eventual removal of shirts. ducking when cars drove by. it was fun. spontaneous. refreshing. listening to coldplay. very pg or pg13 at the most. entertaining. we didn't head back to my place till a little after 6am. in the parking lot of my apartment, he looked so tired, he said he was going to take a nap before heading to work. i told him he could come into my place and nap there. beckie was sleeping when we came in.

it was nice to sleep next to someone again, even if it was for only a little over a half hour. curled up next to me. breathing on the back of my neck. arm across me. holding my hand. elliot smith playing. it was also nice to wake up and have someone wrap my hair their fingers and kiss me. there's something electric about him.

he has an amazing voice. he's quite confident, but insecure in some ways. an interesting mix. so, i guess i'll hang out with him some more and see what happens...

the weird parts: well, when i used to tell the ninja that he was weird. he always used to say something about how it was the pot calling the kettle black. i'd heard that phrase before, but had never actually heard someone really use it. olso said the same thing. there were a few other ninja-isms as well, but he was much more "electric" than the ninja.

it's also weird that he's so polite. had to hold all doors open for me. didn't sit down till after i did. apologized and excused himself when he left to use the restroom at the greek place. just appears to be a really polite and nice guy. refreshing.

" can try the best you can. if you try the best you can. the best you can is good enough. if you try the best you can. if you try the best you can. the best you can is good enough..." -radiohead



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