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13-07-200 - 08:53


well, i appear to have fallen into a bit of an akward situation. someone that i know, but wouldn't say that i'm friends with yet. one of those strange attractions that you try to ignore. well, there seems to be a slight repeat in the situation...someone oddly getting in the way of various relationships. one of our mutual friends was supposed to give me his number and have me phone him a while ago for times and locations on an outting. i had asked him to give my number so the guy could phone me with the info and our mutual friend did neither. so, now the situation is to either see what happens before he leaves for grad school in ny in a few weeks, or to just keep ignoring things. eh. why do these things happen at such inappropriate times? with such inappropriate people?

and there's no sure way to know if he's even interested. he has been curious of my dating status. wants me to come out and see the next show. seemed dissapointed when i didn't catch the last one. anyways...

"kanashii hodo hikaridashita. shiroi yami kirisaku tsubasa ni nare. tsumetai taiyou ni terasarete 'ta. kinarasareta jiyuu ga atta. kagami ni utsutta kiseki no yoru. masuku o hazushihajimeta my soul. kuaurete yuku kabe no mukou wa. zetsubou mo kibou mo onaji kao suru. mitasarenai kokoro aru nara. tobitateru shuumatsu no puroroogu e. yaiba no you na kaze fuku sekai. mamorubeki mono wa nan na no ka? hitotsu hitotsu itami o shiru tabi. hontou no jibun e to chikadzuku..."



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