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02-08-2006 - 07:39

so. i think that hapkido wants me to hang out with ian. first we end up hanging out after i pop into the ER after injuring my knee during hapkido. that's what led to his coming out with andy and myself on our t-day drinking night. i stroll across the street from the pub afterwards looking for a bench to adjust the knee wrap (since i'd tried it earlier in the car and it didn't quite work out). ian comes with me. then everything that follows.

then there's the whole should i stay or should i go to the cottage speil. turns out that i didn't even have to pick. belt testing for hapkido got scheduled for friday evening. so, no cottage, and i guess i'll be hanging out with ian if i'm not too maimed. i am a bit worried about the spin kicks. they're not easy and most martial arts forms avoid them.

it's such a strange thing. ian and i. it all feels like we've known each other for ages and that we've been dating for almost as long. he makes me laugh. he also says the complete right things at exactly the right times and does the complete right things at exactly the right time. and i don't think that it will be dissapointing when he leaves for ny. yeah, i think it would be great if he didn't leave, but i just don't think that i could associate dissapointing with him. it also doesn't seem like things are ending. and, things have been way too fun, so no matter what, it was/is definitely worth it.

monday we had an interesting evening/night. we picked up a bunch of food from guiseppies (spelled wrong). pasta salad, mushroom salad, two cheeses, orangina, herbed baguette, nutella, olives. had bruschetta in his truck on the way to kroger. got some quiche and bruschetta toppings. then we just ate, lounged, drank, ate, and talked for hours. then attempted to watch a movie, but were distracted. we polished off a bottle of firefly shiraz. i had a glass or two of wine that was in my fridge and he also had a beer or two. i originally blew a 0.06 which dropped fairly fast. he on the other hand a 0.15.

i still find myself wanting to talk about him all the time. it's hard not to. he sings along with music all the time in this "i don't care who's listening" way. he smiles a lot. the other night when he was sleeping, when i turned in, i said good night and his name and in his sleep he said my name and smiled. he's helpful in the kitchen. which is odd since i usually don't like help when i'm cooking. he already knows were just about everything is in there. he's a motivated slacker, just like me. i know that doesn't make much sense, but it's true. both clumsy in not always obvious ways. we tend to sleep listening to music with a select few songs on repeat. i barely remember when he had longer hair. i kind of like it short. which i also find odd.

anyways. i guess that's enough ranting for now. now i just have to focus on spin kicks and such...

"...if the world isn't turning, your heart won't return. anyone, anything, anyhow. so take me, don't leave me. take me, don't leave me. baby, love will come through, it's just waiting for you..." -travis



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