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02-04-2008 - 23:39

so, the other day really was a crash and burn. i'm still recovering. well, maybe finally better. i pretty much slept off and on all day today. mentally great...just needed a bit for the physical part to catch up.

i had planned on getting a lot of things done today, but didn't. so, i'll be catching up a bit tonight and getting up early tomorrow.

so, what's on my mind, work, travel, and a change of schedule. with school, i have to fill out a stupid form that the online server isn't working for. can't be mailed out. and i can't sign up for next semester until i submit the form. with work, we've been working short staffed a lot lately. it kind of annoys me. running around like mad. and things like staff asking when a "male officer" will be showing up. with travel, i've been looking into flights and such to austraila. it would be nice to go out there when chiv still is out there. then there'd be someone who would know things to do in the area. as for the schedule part, it's just what i've already mentioned. when you start spending a lot of time with someone and a change in one parties schedule is what changes that, it's kind of a kick while you're down feeling when that person has a chance to change their schedule with little trouble to better keep up the ability to hang out. i really have spent more time with him than anyone else lately.

i'm hungry right now. i haven't had anything to eat since before i left work. think i might eventually have to get some food.

oh. and my wireless works in my bathroom. i can successfully play online while in the tub! though i usually just watch movies in the tub. hmmmm...

"could have been a night like any other. one of us has to drive. one of us gets to think. i'll force a laugh to break the silence. it's gonna get harder still. before it gets easy. you can't keep safe what wants to break..." -jimmy eats world



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