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13-04-2008 - 04:39

one of my fears. i know it's crazy, but one of the things that i fear is that there's some amazing life changing music/song/band out there that i'll never hear.

i've been a bit caught up recently with the single by the flobots.

right now i'm trying to decide if i want to go out tomorrow morning with austin and mike. i don't know if i'll be functioning that early though, especially since i don't think i'll be falling asleep for a while.

i burnt the roof of my mouth earlier today. it hurts a bit, but i keep tapping it with my tongue. is it better yet? oww. no. how about now? oww. no. what about now? oww. no.

currently i'm awaiting my tax refund. i believe i'll be traveling when it arrives. should be enough to cover a return trip pretty much anywhere i'd want to go. i do think that i'm going to need to look into locating some travel companions. granted mike will be traveling with me next year october for our birthdays. but until then...

i am currently trying to decide if i should put the kettle on. take a shower then bath (have to shower first. don't want to stew in dirt). watch a movie. eat something. clean my apartment. or any combination of those.

"i can lead a nation with a microphone..." -flobots



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