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22-05-2008 - 08:19

i'm tired. exhausted. i have my midterm exam that i'm not ready for in less than a week. should be going to beckie's birthday outing this weekend, but instead, my parents planned a family gathering on the one day i told them i was busy. i've been listening to the 8mm cd that mike made me last week. soooo catchy. ummm...anthony asked me out for drinks this weekend. i'm not sure if i'll be available or not. beckie said that he was interested. ryan said that he was hitting on me so bad that he didn't know how i couldn't have noticed. but...i didn't. that's why i have ryan to let me know when guys are hitting on me. so, it's all very high school, but still interesting. ummm...laura, andy, and i will be mushroom hunting thursday. then possibly catching the new indy movie. jones that is. not the genera.

ryan got me to watch a bunch of episode of the office the other day. now beckie is going to loan the first few seasons to me.

right now i'm sooooo cold. covered in layers of blankets. socks still on. too tired to eat. going to bed soon...probably will have strange is rather strange being around someone and/or talking to them pretty much every day for months and then just a sudden end. i wonder if that has something to do with it...

"i know it's too late tonight to start a fight. i thought maybe just one more and we could end it all. didn't think it'd be this hard. didn't look like so far to fall. i can't save myself, so what am i supposed to do, with you? if you left, so long ago why are you still here pushing me around? you're a trick of light. an illusion, siren song. crashin' me upon the rocks. now i'm breaking, broken and you, want to talk. i can't save myself, so what am i supposed to do, with you? when i think about it. can i even doubt it? it kills me how we hold on when i think about it, how can i doubt it? we're missing something we never owned. hindsight's blind. i can't save myself, so what am i gonna do? without you? oh without you?..." -8mm



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