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01-07-2008 - 05:39

so. i'm having quite an interesting time lately. i finished my spring semester. i don't know my grade yet. i do have more free time now.

i also have a family of skunks living under the walkway at the entrance of my apartment building. almost couldn't get in tonight.

i'm not sure where i last left off...

i currently have a gym membership. yeah, me at a gym. i am a fairly active person, but i've never gone to a gym before. i'm also not really sure why i joined up. most people join gyms to lose weight or to get fit. i really have no reason.

i am talking to the boy again. off and on. it's not going very well.

i still never seem to have enough free time to do everything i want to. i am taking up learning japanese again though.

anyways. that's it for now...

"whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on. regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all..." -utada hikaru



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