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28-06-11 - 07:27

so, since my last entry, while there were a million things i should have/could have done...i completed my perfect day just lounging. watched television. watched some netflix.

i watched titan a.e. for the first time in a while. i love that movie. almost as much as strange days. the movies i like best seem to be messed up action love stories. although, i have been on a french zombie movie kick as of late. makes me want to pull out my cheese french pick up lines. when the kid starts talking to me in japanese today i'm so going to have to throw down some french.

i really need to start planning my out of state and out of country trips. i can manage texas during a weekend. maybe a week or two in spain? i really want to visit bradley in korea, but i don't think i'll have enough vacation time to do so this round. i wonder when he's coming home for a bit. i haven't heard from him in a month now. guess i should hit him up on email or skype...

i think i need to go to a fortune teller. it's been a while, it's fun, and if it's similar to the first one...then i might really have to start believing in it all. i mean more then the lost pet spell that ryan and i used to bring takkun back. maybe i can get a group of people. it would be fun.

right now what i'd really like to do is curl up next to someone nice and fall asleep listening to music. it's been so long since i've done that. even with the hb it was television. maybe it's because music can really make me fall for someone and i try to avoid that. heh. i love how weird i am about the most random things.

oh, and the wiles are really back in action. big time. gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. i have a feeling that crazy fun things are about to happen. something in the air.

"i am clearly broken and no one knows what to do. pieces of the puzzles don't fit so i'm coming into you..." -korn



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