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01-08-11 - 02:03

another glorious day in the life of...

well, even with the weekend of studying, things have been going pretty well. life the universe and everything seem to be back on track...aside from one thing that i've realized. with ryan and beckie out of state, and jay so busy with his life, i no longer have a close by good friend to just share everything with all the time. to meet up for drinks on a bad day. to go out to an expensive dinner on a good day. i have a lot of friends and i've noticed that lately, i've just spread everything out. i don't dump too much bad on any one person nor celebrate too much good with any one person. for a little while there i thought i'd found a friend for that, but they turned out to be evil. so, i think that that is my new quest. i've really neglected my social life this semester and with it being almost over, in between travels, i think this is something important to work on. i do miss having someone there. sometimes to talk to and sometimes to just be there and not talk. although, it is nice that so many people have looked after me these past few months. people dropping off food while i'm studying. meeting up with me for a quick drink when i'm stressed. dollar burgers on tuesdays after class.

i've also concluded that when i'm old and grey, i'll be doing one of two things. 1. running a small bar in the golden gai of tokyo. or 2. running a small bar in thailand. either way in my off time i'll travel like mad. song today...just reflection...



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