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15-08-2011 - 02:33

interesting interesting weekend. first off, i didn't originally plan on going out. i was going to stay in, but things changed.

friday, m and i went out to dinner at louie's and had a couple of drinks. it's fun going out with girls again since beckie moved away. things were good. afterwards we decided to get another drink elsewhere. there were cover charges at most of the places so we kept looking around. ended up at the martini lounge. it's been ages since i'd been there. it was quite fun. free drinks. fun people. cute guys. jay even gave us free shots after the bar had closed.

saturday, scott and i popped out for a couple of drinks. also a good night. interesting conversation and scott being maimed from dumping a motorcycle. good times...

sunday, fuji buffet lunch. excellent. five of us went and it was glorious as always. afterwards we went to a coffee shop and then onwards to the giant skywalk mall. we then closed out the mall. so, all in all it was an entire day event.

other than that...there's so many interesting things...i'll just leave those for another time...once i see about a boy (a real one, not the movie/book)...

"sing me to sleep. sing me to sleep. i don't want to wake up on my own anymore..." -emily browning



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