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12-06-2012 - 00:53

it's been a while. so many things have happened.

new bed. new couch. my sister who just before she found out she was pregnant was talking about divorce. she's due in august.

i haven't traveled anywhere since i went to spain in october.

one of my good friends who also happens to be an ex boyfriend has mucked everything up by saying he wanted to make out with me while we were at a bar with friends.

i have a date tomorrow after rock climbing (yeah, took that up thanks to my greek friend). normally i really don't go out on dates, but he lured me in with talks of zombies and drinks. after i agreed, i realized that his name also fits the pattern. first and last names match names of people i've dated.

oh, i did see the transit of venus across the sun last week. something that's not going to happen again until 2117. befriended the astrology prof who let people view it through a high powered telescope with filter.

i have an email pen pal from dc. someone to talk to about life, the universe, and everything...including food.

i'll post more later...

"i'm a fight with myself till i'm bleeding. just a taste of your skin starts the healing. anyone from my past get your ammo. find my sun in the dark side of my shadow..." -awolnation



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