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15-01-15 - 07:37

i think i need to see some shakespeare this year. i'd like to see twelfth night. it's one of my favourite plays.

i've also been pondering the state of my travel affairs. hopefully i will be able to get entry for the san diego international comic convention and that will mean traveling to california in july. i would like to travel 3 states and two countries this year. i've been thinking of october. why do i travel so often for my birthday? because there is nothing here for me. the last year i spent home was spent out at the bar with austin and damien drinking beer at bar louie's.

maybe this year i will finally see italy. as always, i would love a travel companion. male, female. just someone fun to travel with. october would be a lovely time to see italy, right? i can always travel solo, but i would like to travel with someone. i like the idea of coming 'home' to someone. friend, more. i've been looking for a travel companion for such a long time and have yet to find anyone. i travel well with beckie, but she's now married and unable to really travel much. i think i loved kyle at the time, but we did not travel well. then again, we didn't date well either, so i'm not sure what i was expecting. traveling with todd was fun, but it's always awkward traveling with a guy who is into you that you're not into. susan was interesting to travel with, but difficult. it's hard to travel with someone who no longer has any concept of money (or worries about it) and isn't into seeing/doing the same things as me. my travel with scott was fun, but there were difficulties with that as well. the weekend in vegas with jeff went amazingly well in my opinion. not sure if he thought i was as great of a travel companion as i thought he was, but then again, that was just a weekend. plus, he's been to two of the places that i would love to go to and i doubt he would want to spend time going to them again. kosta yesterday nominated dan. someone i know was great to travel with was mike. going to hawaii with a friend who i knew nothing was going to happen with, who didn't care that i ditched him for a day to go diving, was great. alas, now he too is married...and has a kid! maybe i can tag along with them to alaska sometime.

my hands and feet are cold again. it's not just from being where it's cold. all through vegas and for a couple of days once i got home, they were warm. very unusual for me. seems however that things have returned to normal again.

"don't get too close, it's dark inside. it's where my demons hide. it's where my demons hide. they say it's what you make, i say it's up to fate, it's woven in my soul, i need to let you go..." -imagine dragons



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