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26-01-15 - 11:17

this weekend was an interesting one. filled with music. plus, i finally got to see shigeto in action. got to say that i love seeing real dj's in action especially in a small intimate setting. a detroit record store after hours has got to be one of the best settings.

i also managed to go on a jane austen kick this weekend. with movies at least. while completely impractical, it just makes me realize how much of a picky hopeless romantic i am and likely always shall be. seems everything about me is a complete contradiction. then again, i wouldn't be me if i wasn't.

it does make me wonder after watching emma if maybe part of what i've done wrong with dating is that i've never dated a friend. i date strangers. people who don't know me first. we start out dating and usually later become friends. maybe if i become friends with someone first and then give up my dating sabatical, then i might have a spot of luck. then again, that sounds like too much effort. guess i'll just have to wait for someone to inspire me enough to make the effort, but that sounds somewhat doubtful.

it does seem that i have made a new friend. not a contender for the spiel above, but someone who knows things that go on and might help me stay busy when i'm not traveling or working. lately i just feel i need more distraction than usual. the feeling started in november and appears to have continued on through this year.

oh. one thing i was going to mention is that i need to hang out in detroit more often. people always think so much ill about detroit, but it's a great city and there are some amazing people in it. i go to ann arbor. people don't hold doors open for me. detroit? i had one guy almost trip over his own feet to run up and open a door for me so i wouldn't have to. then the guys at the restaurant? i wasn't even near the door yet and they waited in the cold to hold the door open for me when i left. plus, detroit guys don't catcall. they compliment. i get saucy comments out and about town. in detroit? i get the words beautiful and gorgeous.

anyways...the things that confuse me confuse me ever so much more. the things i need to do to get to where i need to be have yet to fall into place. and all i can really think about is looking forward to travel...

"i know my actions they may get confusing. but my unstable way is my solution to even space. that's why you wanna come out and play with me, yeah..." -banks



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