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21-03-15 - 04:07

ah. a glorious night. glorious indeed.

laura and i had dinner at revolver. rotating chef restaurant. it was amazing. afterward, when we were leaving, one of the co-owners stopped me to tell me that he "liked my style". maybe i don't dress so oddly after all. then, we had a drink at soho. this is where i discovered that the straight russian bartender that i used to have a crush on and in fact had kissed maybe a decade ago is actually currently married to laura's cousin. then cocktails at the oakland where we met and conversed with the guy from senegal. this started from him bumping into me and apologizing in english and for some odd reason, me replying that it was ok in french. afterwards, the three of us migrated to the imperial for even more delicious food. senegal even paid for our meals! he also loved my necklace. the cheap pearls that i bought in thailand streetside.

i do really hope that others get random compliments as much as i do. i think it's part of why i have such a great level of self-esteem. it's nice.

i must say though that i've never had a bad time hanging out with laura. i think we definitely need to hang out more often. even almost choked on my wine tonight when she was sharing a hilarious story.

well, i'm in an interesting mood right now. maybe i will finally finish the book i've been stringing out over the past week-ish. i really have some interesting thoughts tonight. things swirling around in my brain. things i don't even want to share on here because i know i shouldn't be thinking about them. not bad things. just things...things about people. or rather things about a person. maybe when i'm completely sober i'll have forgotten that this random thought even popped in my head. i'm honestly not even sure where it came from in the first place. then again, i'm always so oblivious to things that relate to me...


"fly me to the moon. let me play among the stars. let me see what spring is like on jupiter and mars..." -sinatra



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