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23-03-15 - 12:32

i sometimes wonder why i like jazz. no one in my family listens to it or even listened to it when i was growing up. jazz and blues. i sometimes think they are the only kinds of music that have souls. i love other music as well and often times even more than jazz, but sometimes you just need to put on some jazz and lay on the floor...let it drown out everything. momentary nirvana for us mortals. or semi-mortals like myself.

some people meditate. i listen to music.

so, i need to come up with some april travel plans. still working on my travel every month plan. i'm not very good at this. i've never been great with planning. every plan i make, things tend to go awry. sometimes the people. sometimes nature. it's why i rarely really make plans. it's not that i don't want to, it just that i like to avoid the let down when they don't work out. maybe this is something i should work on. maybe working on travel plans will help with this.

i just watched season 1 of bosch. it's based on the book series that i just started reading. for the streaming series, they changed things...a lot. tried to take some of the cop out of the story. tried to make the character more personable. make him more human. i liked the first season, but not as much as the book series so far. book 3 should be here tomorrow. i think i connected better with the character when he was less personable. no ex-wife. no kid. no second run in the military because of events.

i've been in an odd but good mood lately. it's like the bad has been so overwhelming in my life that i've just given up dwelling on it.

my hands have been so cold lately. i've also been not remembering my dreams. the cold hands are very much like me. the lack of dream remembering is very much not like me. might start sleeping in my fingerless gloves again...

i do think i need to start getting out some more. seems that fun and interesting things happen when i do. maybe that's why i stayed in yesterday. a sunday where things weren't fun and exciting. a happy solitude.

"sing a song about heartbreak. do you know about the sweet taste of sadness?" -caught a ghost



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