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19-04-15 - 17:57

gone and back again.

i popped off last minute for just under a week to the dominican republic. bayahibe. booked my flight on a monday after hearing there was an opening for getting my advanced open water dive cert. was there that thursday.

it was a great trip. amazing dives. my first night dive ever as well. the most beautiful sight ever was the night of my night dive. after the dive, it was super dark out. we're in the ocean. bayahibe is a small fishing town, so there's wasn't much light pollution. just looking up at the stars. honestly, if i could bottle that up and dole out a little bit when needed, i could be happy for ever.

while there, i met up with an irish guy who'd been living there for a while. spy. i rented out my own flat there for my stay, but hung out with him most of my nights there. dive during the day. eat at saona cafe. then go out for the evening. several nights involved lost bar. one involved lost bar, then pit stop. it was a comfortable routine.

spy was a nice distraction. an interesting physical distraction. as much as i don't need to date, i do still need the occasional physical pursuit. plus, i love the accent. i just don't know what's up with guys and the cuddling. i have however established my love of motorbikes. i like being on the back of a bike. not worried about driving and not worried about trying to navigate a larger vehicle around obstacles.

it was an interesting change to spend an entire evening in bed with someone. normally i play the guy and like to book it out after physical encounters. spy was the girl. scented candles and all. i did try out the whole pseudo relationship thing. coffee together, which i always love. spending every evening together. meeting up during the day. spy was the instructor for the instructors at the dive shop. it was nice having someone pop over after my dives and see how things were going. well, he plans on opening a dive shop in mexico later this year. if he does, i very likely will have to stop over. maybe get my cave diving cert.

i loved driving in the dominican republic. cops never really pull anyone over. no one follows speed limits. lanes are a suggestion. it was fun. a great trip. while i had planned on traveling every month this year, i did miss out on february. i think making this months trip a dive trip makes up for that. vegas in january. sedona in march. dominican republic in april. now to plan my next trip...

"take that look from off your face 'cause you ain't ever gonna burn my heart out..." -oasis



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